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 In contact with water, this cleansing and face remover gel turns into an abundant foam to cleanse and purify the skin. Easy to rinse, it eliminates make-up, impurities and excess pf sebum. Results: The skin is soft, perfectly cleansed and purified.Ideal for: All skin types.150 ml tube with flip top cap

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Thanks to a new AHA generation, this face peeling without micro particles removes impurities and dead cells, reveals the shine, while smoothly refining the skin texture. Results : A perfectly smooth skin, extremely soft and luminous.Ideal for : All skin types, even sensitive. 40 ml tube with flip top cap 

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This gel cream stimulates the fundamental functions of the skin, hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration. Results: The skin is comfortable, firm and luminous.Ideal for: All skin types.40 ml tube with flip top cap

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This cream provides soft, supple and slightly scented skin. The protective action of Blue Amber helps to regenerate the skin. Give your hands a proper shield to the daily aggression. Results: The skin is nourrished, soft and protected.Ideal for: All skin types40ml tube  

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This melting body milk penetrates quickly while bringing a new comfort. Rich in Blue Amber, the skin shield is reinforced. Results: the skin is hydrated, protected and reinforced.Ideal for: All skin types.150 ml tube with flip top cap

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