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This velvety gel face serum is enriched with White Pearl, stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 to lighten the skin. It brings hydration and unifies the complexion.Results: The skin is uniform, smooth and luminous.Ideal for: All skin typesDirections for use: Apply morning and evening under the cream.Texture : Velvety...

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This highly concentrated stain corrector targets pigment spots. It corrects cutaneous hyperpigmentation and prevents the appearance of future spots. Protection against UVA and UVB with SPF 15 / PA ++.Results: The spots are faded, the complexion is uniform.Ideal for: All skin types with pigment spots and demarcationsDirections...

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This cream with White Pearl and vitamin C stabilized brings a complexion of mother of pearl. The White Pearl illuminates and Vitamin C reduces pigmentation and prevent from pigment spots. Its protective action is complemented by an SPF 30 / PA +++ index to protect the skin from UVA and UVB.Results: the skin is smoothed, lightened and hydrated....

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Find a radiant skin thanks to the smoothing and lightening active ingredients of this cream: White Pearl, Silicon and Stabilized Vitamin C. Get immediate comfort in terms of hydration thanks to its creamy texture. Results: The skin is hydrated, more luminous and smoothed, the pigment spots are reduced. Ideal for: AIl skin types with hyperpigmentation...

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A cream mask, ideal to revive the clarity of the complexion, enriched with White Pearl and stabilized  Vitamin C to beautify the skin while sleeping, to make it brighter and more comfortable in the morning.Results: From the first application, the skin is hydrated, more luminous and smoother, the pigment spots are reduced.Ideal for: All...

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