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Dry Skins 

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This lotion is a real care product. Enriched with Silicon of Pink Quartz and Amethyst, it purifies and softens the skin. Complemented by hyaluronic acid and essential oil of rose, it brings you a unique sensation of freshness.Results: the skin is perfectly hydrated, softened and toned. The complexion is more fresh and bright.Ideal for :...

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This Hydration Jade serum, rich in Silicon and Sodium improves the hydyration of the skin. PP Vitamin instantly brings comfort and suppleness.Results: the skin is perfectly hydrated and smooth. The complexion is brighted up.Ideal for :Very Dry skin Directions for use: 60 days cure. Apply 2-3 drops morning and evening before the...

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This serum is a concentrate of Peridot stone and hyaluronic acid. Peridot has been selected for its richness in magnesium, a trace element known for its toning, relaxing and destressing properties.  Combined with Hyaluronic Acid, known for its moisturizing, plumping and smoothing properties, this serum is an anti-fatigue, anti-aging and anti-stress...

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The Peridot Stone, rich in Magnesium, is associated with the Essential Oils of Cadie Wood, Grapefruit and Rosewood. These increase the synthesis of collagen and ATP (energy source of our cells) for a proven anti-aging and anti-stress effect.Results: The skin is hydrated, firmer and toned.  Ideal for: Dehydrated skin, stressed and...

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Opal, rich in silicon will act naturally on hyaluronic acid  synthesis and prevent from its degradation. Also concentrated in hyaluronic acid, a powerful natural moisturizer, this cream provides with an  optimal comfort. The skin regains suppleness, softness and tone.Results: The skin is soft, comfortable and hydrated for a long time....

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This cream is a powerful protector for the epidermis against daily aggressions (stress, pollution ...). It strengthens the skin by nourishing and protecting it. Jade will help the skin effectively fight aging and dehydration.Results: The skin is hydrated and smoothed. It finds comfort and softness.Ideal for: Dry mature skin.Directions for use: Apply...

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A genuine moisturizing treatment, this mask erases any feeling of drought, refreshes and tonifies. It provides protection and shine to the skin through the restorative action of Malachite. It awakens the vital functions of the skin and ensures perfect hydration.Results: The skin is hydrated, regenerated, soft, luminous and comfortable....

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