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Zinc and Calcium, extracted from Smithsonite and Nacre, formulated in a Hyaluronic Acid concentrate, protect and repair the skin from external affressions. For a soothed skin and a unified complexion. Results: The skin is soothed, repaired and protected.Ideal for: All skin types, sensitive and reactive.30 ml dropper bottlePRODUCT FREE...

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Copper, a powerful antioxidant extracted from malachite, and phosphorus, formulated in a Hyaluronic Acid concentrate, restore radiance to the skin. For a luminous complexion. Results: The complexion is luminous and unified. The skin is oxygenated.Ideal for: All skin types, lacking of radiance and luminosity. 30 ml dropper bottle PRODUCT FREE OF :...

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Silicon, Sodium and Potassium from Jade and Moonstone, formulated in a Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate, moisturize and regenerate the skin Results: The skin is perfectly hydrated and plumped.Ideal for : All skin types, dehydrated30 ml bottlePRODUCT FREE OF : SILICONE, PEG/PPG, PARABEN, ALLERGEN*List of the 26 allergens regulated in...

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Silicon and Chromium, extracted from Amethyst and Ruby, formulated in a Hyaluronic Acid concentrate, firm up and purify. For a firmer skin and a matified complexion. Results : The skin is firmed and the complexion matified.Ideal for : All skin types, lacking of tonicity and firmness. 30 ml dropper bottle PRODUCT FREE OF : SILICONE, PEG/PPG, PARABEN,...

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This serum is a concentrate of Peridot stone and hyaluronic acid. Peridot has been selected for its richness in magnesium, a trace element known for its toning, relaxing and destressing properties.  Combined with Hyaluronic Acid, known for its moisturizing, plumping and smoothing properties, this serum is an anti-fatigue, anti-aging and anti-stress...

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True natural anti-wrinkle care. Black Hematite, exceptionally rich in iron, slows down the aging process by its proven action on collagen production. Diamond blurs wrinkles with its natural soft focus effect. The skin is regenerated, reshaped and firmed. The skin texture is smoothed.  Results: The wrinkles are faded, the skin is firmed.Ideal for: All...

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This velvety gel face serum is enriched with White Pearl, stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 to lighten the skin. It brings hydration and unifies the complexion. Results: The skin is uniform, smooth and luminous.Ideal for: All skin types30 ml Airless bottlePRODUCT FREE OF : PEG/PPG, PARABEN, ALLERGEN*List of the 26 allergens...

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This highly concentrated stain corrector targets pigment spots. It corrects cutaneous hyperpigmentation and prevents the appearance of future spots. Protection against UVA and UVB with SPF 15 / PA ++. Results: The spots are faded, the complexion is uniform.Ideal for: All skin types with pigment spots and demarcations15ml airless bottle...

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