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This lotion is a real care product. Enriched with Silicon of Pink Quartz and Amethyst, it purifies and softens the skin. Complemented by hyaluronic acid and essential oil of rose, it brings you a unique sensation of freshness.Results: the skin is perfectly hydrated, softened and toned. The complexion is more fresh and bright.Ideal for :...

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La Lotion Purifiante Rubis est parfaite pour retrouver un teint unifié, mat et ravivé ainsi qu'une peau lisse et rééquilibrée. Grâce à ses actifs, cette lotion est adaptée aux peaux mixtes à grasses car elle purifie et apporte de l'éclat tout en limitant l'excès de sébum.  Flacon 200 ml

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A treatment dedicated to sensitive and frail skin. The combination of Sapphire and Smithsonite extracts, respectively riched in Iron and Zinc, ensures complete protection of the skin and strengthens it. For a real feeling of comfort.Results: The skin is soothed, reinforced and comfortable. The redness disappears. Ideal for: Sensitive and...

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This lotion, rich in Diamond, acts on the radiance of the complexion and brings a good-looking effect. Thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid and Adenosine contained in this lotion, the skin will be perfectly hydrated and regain all its density. Results: The skin is perfectly hydrated and smoothed. To find an extremely luminous and uniform complexion....

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